Best praktisch to create a personal library

I did follow your KiCad 7 tut; very nice and learned a lot. Did create already three PCB's; not yet send to a PCB suppler but it is close. For now I did follow your tut to build the PCB's but have some question because I have some parts on all the boards and want to create my own librarie.

What is the best praktisch to build a library with part, footprint ( pretty ), symbols and step files? Should I create folders with al those elements in there with their Datasheets? Or should I create a folder for each type of file? Like all the symbols together, all 3d-step files together and pretty files to gather. Or just dump everything in one folder and let kicad figure it out ?

I hope my question is clear enough to understand. I like to do it right and one way because messing with ideas later is a lot of work of course.

Any suggestions?


Thank you very much in advance.



To build any custom library, it's always recommended to follow KLC. Which has all the conventions and best practices that's followed to build a custom footprint and symbol. For organization, I generally put all the parts (symbol, Footprint and 3D model) of a component in one folder. Which I later import as required. To maintain a large set of custom libraries, I would suggest you follow this tutorial.