Can't able to search components on pcb

Hi! I am newbie to Kicad. I am trying to open pcb file in Kicad 7. I can open it but can not selected for any component or tracks. Can not even find (control+F) components, which are available on the pcb. Not able to see net names.

Can anyone help?

The question seems unclear, can you elaborate on what file did you try opening in KiCad and how did you open it?

Files with different extension behave differently in Kicad

.kciad_pro will open kicad project window - Where it let's you see all the project file
.kicad_pcb will open PCB Layout Editor - Where you can edit your traces/footprints
.kicad_sch will open Schematic Editor - Where you can edit your circuit connection

If you open Gerber files or .zip (Which contain Gerber file) using "Kicad's Gerber viewer"
You can just view the file but not edit it. Finally if the project was created in a different ECAD software, it might not open correctly in KiCad without proper conversion or import.

Thanks for the response. I am trying to open .kicad_pcb file which is designed in Kicad 7. and I am trying to open and edit it in Kicad 7 only.

Please see attached screenshot. R4 is present on the pcb. but when I am searching it by CTRL+F, it shows “not found”.

Try the settings on the attachment, this should fix the selection issue

Selection Filter - Make sure “All Items” are checked
Presets - “All Layers” are selected.

In my case I can search even if this settings are changed. Can you confirm if this issue occurs only to this project or it happens on other project as well?