How to Ask Good Technical Questions & doubts?

Here’s a basic template on how to ask a good questions effectively on any forum:

Start with Good Question Title / Subject : [Brief Description of the Question]

This can help your question get recognised on search engine to reach a large audience base.

Select Appropriate Category : [Choose A Category That’s Close To Your Question]

This can help algorithm recommend your question to people with experience on similar topic.

Use Appropriate Tags : [Enter keywords related to the question]

This can help your question recommend on search and related questions.

Provide Detail explanation about the issue you are facing

Start with providing some context or background related to your question [How did you end up with the problem? What is the goal/end result you are trying to achieve? ]

Then clearly state your question, if needed share pictures, code or file using the appropriate features like Insert media, code block or attachment.

Please don’t ask question without any prior research, please check if the question is already asked / answered in the forum.

PS : Having less grammatical / spelling error can help your question reach quicker. Also use feature like bullet points, links, text formatting when required.