How to develop PCB in kicad7.0?

how to develop PCB in kicad7.0

  1. ) "Copper layer =1" back side only.
2) Component placed on both Front side and Back side, Front side component are through hole and back side component are smd.

How to develop pcb with above two given requirement in pcb editor

By default KiCad and most of the CAD software use 2 Layer PCB. But you can try these method which worked for me.

  1. Don't make any traces, zone filling or silk layer on one side and do the routing and everything else on the other side of the PCB. But place the SMD components only on the side where you do the routing.
  2. THT component can be placed on any side, but you can't have silk screen for the THT component on both side.
  3. Contact manufacturer, tell them the PCB is single sided.